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سریال دل پرروی من

۸ از ۱۰
امتیاز سریال

Serial Dele Por Roye Man

سریال دل پرروی من داستان یک راک استار موفق و جذاب است او در دانشکده موسیقی با دختر ساده و روشنفکر و زیبا آشنا میشود و خیلی زود ازدواج میکند و …

The story revolves around Abeer Malhotra (Pearl V Puri), a successful and charming rockstar, and Meher Purohit (Asmita Sood). During college, Abeer sets his eye on a simple, intellectual and pretty girl, Meher, and they subsequently get married at a young age and then get divorced. Eight years later, Meher returns in his life as the new CEO of the music channel he sings for. Abeer decides to tell their story of love, marriage and divorce in the second season of this show.