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سریال فرشتگان و الماس

۸ از ۱۰
امتیاز سریال

Serial Fereshtegan Va Almas

سه زن، سه دوست، سه همکار که بخشی از نیروی پلیس ایتالیا هستند به دنبال جیووانی روزتی، دزد الماس و متخصص در تکنولوژی و امور مالی وارد پورتو ریکو می شوند.

Three women, three friends, three colleagues who are part of the Italian police force - Chiara, Giorgia and Laura - arrive in Puerto Rico on the trail of Giovanni Rossetti, a diamond thief and expert in technology and finance. In the marvelous setting of the Caribbean island, after chases, disguises and numerous plot twists, the three glamorous agents find proof that the man, under the pseudonym of John Gavi, is connected to an important Mafia clan. The people who help them solve the difficult and dangerous case and exonerate Chiara’s father, who had been framed by Rossetti, include an aspiring monk, the friendly security officer of the luxury hotel where the three agents are staying, and a vivacious Puerto Rican boy.